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Discuss your drug plan coverage needs with Health Insurance Network to find out about the right plan for you. Our experienced agents are here for you all year round to offer their assistance and knowledge with any questions or concerns about your Medicare needs.

Convenient drug plans to meet your needs

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Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not provide drug coverage. So if you need Rx drug coverage, these are some options.

Medicare coverage for your drug prescriptions

Stand-alone prescription drug plans (Medicare Part D) – You can purchase these plans from private insurance companies. They can be used along with your Medicare Parts A and B coverage. It can also be used along with your Medicare supplement plans to cover the cost of prescribed medications.


Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans (Medicare Advantage, or Part C) – These plans are also sold by private insurance companies. They combine Medicare Part A and B coverage with Part D prescription drug coverage to give you everything into a single plan.


Medicare part D (prescription drug coverage) - Since the original Medicare doesn't include prescription drug benefits, except in certain situations, you can sign up for prescription drug coverage through a separate Medicare prescription drug plan. You can also find coverage through a Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan.

Rx Plan

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Prescription plans become more important as we get older. While most of us can go for years without prescription drugs, when they are needed, you should be able to purchase the required prescriptions at the lowest price.


It should be convenient for you and you can avoid the unwanted government penalties due to lack of coverage. Prescriptions will continue to get more expensive, but we can help guide you to the most efficient plans designed for your specific needs as well as review the new money-saving mail order prescription systems.

Open enrollment

Schedule your appointments now for after October 15th so that we can assist you. There is no additional charge for dealing with us as your agents. In addition, you’ll receive the understanding, care and assistance from our staff at all times. We‘ll not have all the changes and prices until after October 1st, but you can make your appointment now to make sure we can answer all your questions and make necessary changes after October 15th.

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